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A World in Flux: The Politics of Space in 19th-Century Izmir
Sibel Zandi-Sayek, College of William and Mary

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Ottoman Izmir: The Rise of Cosmopolitan Port, 1840-1880 (Book)
Title: Ottoman Izmir: The Rise of Cosmopolitan Port, 1840-1880
Author: Sibel Zandi-Sayek
Abstract: Ottoman Izmir examines how urban space, institutional structures, and everyday practices shaped one another in the thriving Eastern Mediterranean seaport of Izmir between 1840 and 1880. Sibel Zandi-Sayek investigates local populations who were actively engaged in restructuring the city and shows how Izmir’s various stakeholders contested its built environment, offering a new view of the dynamics of urban modernization.
Year: 2012
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Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 978081667845
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