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The Athenian Amnesty of 403 BC and the Reforms of the Restored Democracy
Edwin Carawan, Missouri State University, Springfield

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Paragraphe and the Merits (Article)
Title: Paragraphe and the Merits
Author: Edwin Carawan
Abstract: This paper argues against the prevailing view of the ancient Athenian procedure for barring lawsuits, the 'paragraphe'. Based on the earliest testimony (Isocrates 18) we should conclude that this remedy was originally introduced against any suit violating specific covenants of the recent Reconciliation Agreement (403 BC), not to enforce a general amnesty.The trial was then decided by a single ballot (for the plaintiff or for the defendant), not a two-stage procedure as H.J Wolff argued (1966).
Year: 2011
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Online access to 'Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies' (Duke University), vol. 51, pp. 254-95.
Access Model: Open access
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
Publisher: Duke University

The Athenian Amnesty and Reconstructing the Law (Book)
Title: The Athenian Amnesty and Reconstructing the Law
Author: Edwin Carawan
Abstract: na
Year: 2013
Publisher: Oxford: Oxford University Press
Type: Single author monograph
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