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Political and Social Activism in African American Concert Dance: Eleo Pomare and the Black Arts Movement
John Perpener, Unaffiliated Independent Scholar

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Radical Black Traditions: Dancer/Choreographer Eleo Pomare (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Radical Black Traditions: Dancer/Choreographer Eleo Pomare
Author: John O. Perpener III
Abstract: This presentation focused on dancer/choreographer Eleo Pomare and his aesthetic, social, and political imperatives during the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and1970s. It stressed his early association with other black artists and intellectuals who were active during the period; and it emphasized important projects such as the Dancemobile, his series of traveling dance concerts that were presented throughout the New York City area. Such projects underscored the mission of the Black Arts Movement to take meaningful art to African-American communities that would not otherwise have access to that type of cultural enrichment. Of equal importance, proponents of the Black Arts Movement made it a point to see that their art underscored messages of self-definition, self-esteem, and self-empowerment.
Date: 7/18/2015
Conference Name: National Black Arts Festival Symposium--Atlanta, Georgia--July 18-20, 2015