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Exploration and Industry: Science and the History of Mining in the American West
Paul Lucier, Unaffiliated Independent Scholar

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"The Origins of Pure and Applied Science in Gilded Age America" (Article)
Title: "The Origins of Pure and Applied Science in Gilded Age America"
Author: Paul Lucier
Abstract: ABSTRACT “Pure science” and “applied science” have peculiar histories in the United States. Both terms were in use in the early part of the nineteenth century, but it was only in the last decades that they took on new meanings and became commonplace in the discourse of American scientists. The rise in their currency reflected an acute concern about the corruption of character and the real possibilities of commercializing scientific knowledge. “Pure” was the preference of scientists who wanted to emphasize their nonpecuniary motives and their distance from the marketplace. “Applied” was the choice of scientists who accepted patents and profits as other possible returns on their research. In general, the frequent conjoining of “pure” and “applied” bespoke the inseparable relations of science and capitalism in the Gilded Age.
Year: 2012
Primary URL:
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Isis: An International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences
Publisher: University of Chicago Press