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A Study of Classic Arabic Poetry through the Lens of Metapoesis (Modern Critical Theory)
Huda Fakhreddine, President and Fellows of Middlebury College

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Metapoesis in the Arabic Tradition (Book)
Title: Metapoesis in the Arabic Tradition
Author: Huda J. Fakhreddine
Abstract: In Metapoesis in the Arabic Tradition Huda J. Fakhreddine expands the study of metapoesis to include the Abbasid age in Arabic literature. Through this lens that is often used to study modernist poetry of the 20th and the 21st century, this book detects and examines a meta-poetic tendency and a self-reflexive attitude in the poetry of the first century of Abbasid poets. What and why is poetry? are questions the Abbasid poets asked themselves with the same persistence and urgency their modern successor did. This approach to the poetry of the Abbasid age serves to refresh our sense of what is “modernist” or “poetically new” and detach it from chronology.
Year: 2015
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Publisher: Brill
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9789004294561
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