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"Towards the River’s Mouth" (1989) by Gianni Celati: A Critical Edition and Translation of a Philosophical Travelogue
Patrick Barron, University of Massachusetts, Boston

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Towards the River’s Mouth, A Critical Edition. (Book)
Title: Towards the River’s Mouth, A Critical Edition.
Author: Celati, Gianni
Author: Barron, Patrick
Editor: Barron, Patrick
Abstract: Italian writer and filmmaker Gianni Celati’s 1989 philosophical travelogue Towards the River’s Mouth explores perception, memory, place and space as it recounts a series of journeys across the Po River Valley in northern Italy. The book seeks to document the “new Italian landscape” where divisions between the urban and rural were being blurred into what Celati terms “a new variety of countryside where one breathes an air of urban solitude.” Celati traveled by train, by bus, and on foot, at times with photographer Luigi Ghirri, at others exploring on his own without predetermined itineraries, taking notes on the places he encountered, watching and listening to people in stations, fields, bars, houses, squares, and hotels. In this way the book took shape as Celati traveled and wrote, gathering and rewriting his notes into “stories of observation” (9). Celati attempts to find meaning by seeking the uncertain limits of our ability to discern everyday surroundings. “Every observation,” as he puts it, “needs liberate itself from the familiar codes it carries, to go adrift in the middle of all things not understood, in order to arrive at an outlet, where it must feel lost.”
Year: 2019
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Access Model: Print
Publisher: Lexington
Type: Edited Volume
Type: Translation
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9781498566025
Translator: Patrick Barron
Copy sent to NEH?: No