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Inventing America in Baroque Italy: Columbus, Vespucci, and New World Epic
Nathalie Hester, University of Oregon

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“Transnationalism and the Epic Tradition in Baroque Italian Travel Literature.” (Article)
Title: “Transnationalism and the Epic Tradition in Baroque Italian Travel Literature.”
Author: Nathalie Hester
Abstract: This article is a book chapter in the volume Transnational Italian Studies, edited by Charles Burdett and Loredana Polezzi(2020). In this study I demonstrate how two seemingly disparate texts—Pietro Della Valle’s travel letters and Girolamo Bartolomei Smeducci’s epic poem, L’America—both offer a literary antidote to the Italian peninsula’s subservience to the Habsburg Empire and vulnerability to Ottoman power. The two works establish textual authority and appeal to the tastes of readers by grounding their representation of travel—sometimes with irony—by following the parameters of the epic genre and promoting a vision of global Catholic dominance and the enduring cosmopolitan prestige of Italian letters.
Year: 2020
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