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Printing the Invisible: The Invention of Photography as a Cultural Technique.
Antje Pfannkuchen, Dickinson College

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"in/visible" - special issue of the journal Modern Language Notes (137.3, German issue April 2022) (Book)
Title: "in/visible" - special issue of the journal Modern Language Notes (137.3, German issue April 2022)
Editor: Antje Pfannkuchen
Editor: Nicola Behrmann
Abstract: Through remote meetings, security cameras and social media, today's world presents itself hyper-visibly. The nineteenth-century scientific tradition of visual evidence and proof extended its reach into law, government, and entertainment, but now digital image production and dissemination are generating new modes of perception that structure discourse and experience. As a result, the current scholarly focus has shifted from considerations of the epistemological or phenomenological status of the visual toward questioning the ties between speech and visuality, silence and invisibility. Dissociated from its context, an image—blindly, at times arbitrarily—bears witness to something that can only be grasped in retrospect. Channeled and transformed by algorithms, streams of images are transmitted via broadcasts and networks around the globe. They promise total visibility while our constant cognitive shortcomings, our inability to grasp what happens in a specific political moment, continue to call for representational agency.
Year: 2022
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Primary URL Description: This is the main website for the journal Modern Language Notes of which our edited volume is currently the most recent issue.
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Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Type: Edited Volume
ISBN: ISSN 0026-7910
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