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Documention of Yauyos
Aviva Shimelman, San Jose State University

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Yauyos Quechua Evidentials and the Interpretation of Mode (Article)
Title: Yauyos Quechua Evidentials and the Interpretation of Mode
Author: Aviva Shimelman
Abstract: This paper examines the evidential system of the five southern dialects of Yauyos, a previously undocumented, extremely endangered Quechuan language of Peru. The paper looks at the Yauyos' unusual system of evidential modification and its effects on the interpretation mode, particularly in conjunction with the language's conjectural evidential, -tr'I.
Year: 2012
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Proceedings of the Semantics of Under-Represented Languages of the Americas
Publisher: Amhest, Mass.: Graduate Linguistics Student Association

A grammar of Yauyos Quechua (Book)
Title: A grammar of Yauyos Quechua
Author: Aviva Shimelman
Abstract: Thumbnail Author(s) Shimelman, Aviva Language English Show full item record This book presents a synchronic grammar of the southern dialects of Yauyos, an extremely endangered Quechuan language spoken in the Peruvian Andes. As the language is highly synthetic, the grammar focuses principally on morphology; a longer section is dedicated to the language's unusual evidential system. The grammar's 1400 examples are drawn from a 24-hour corpus of transcribed recordings collected in the course of the documentation of the language.
Year: 2017
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Primary URL Description: Open access
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Secondary URL Description: Language Science Press
Access Model: Open access
Publisher: Language Science Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9783946234227;
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Yauyos Quechua collection of Aviva Shimelman (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Yauyos Quechua collection of Aviva Shimelman
Author: Aviva Shimelman
Abstract: Yauyos (ISO 639-3: [qux]) is a critically endangered Quechuan language spoken in the Province of Yauyos, Department of Lima, Peru ( Yauyos counts eight more-or-less mutually intelligible dialects. This collection covers only the five southern dialects: Apurí-Madeán-Viñac; Azángaro-Chocos-Huangáscar; Chocos-Hongos; Lincha-Tana; and Liscay-San Pedro de Huacarpana. The collection includes a lexicon (3058 entries); a sketch grammar (172 pp.); a catalogue of medicinal plants; a collection of glossed stories (80 pp.); 86 .wav audio recordings and 51 .mpg video recordings (60GB); 52 .eaf files with time-aligned transcriptions, glosses and translations; and one .txt file compiling all transcriptions, glosses and translations (1182 pp). Recordings total over 24 hours and include stories, songs, riddles, spontaneous dialogue, personal narrative, and descriptions of traditional activities, crafts and healing practices.
Year: 2014
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Primary URL Description: Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (AILLA), University of Texas, Austin
Access Model: Open access