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Products for grant FN-50130-14

Preliminary Field Investigation of the Bebeli Language, Papua New Guinea
Hiroko Sato, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Grant details:

Hiroko Sato collection - Bebeli documentation (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Hiroko Sato collection - Bebeli documentation
Author: Hiroko Sato
Abstract: This is the collection of Bebeli language and its related languages. It includes audio and video recordings, photographs, and written texts of narratives, public events, and conversations as well as elicited linguistic data. It gives special attention to recording traditional cultural knowledge, because the oral chain of transmission of this kind of knowledge is currently being lost. Audio data is digitally recorded with voice-recorders (Zoom H5 or Zoom H4n). Sound recordings will be in 48 KHz 24 bits and archived as WAV files. A shotgun microphone was used (Zoom SGH-6). Also, the texts are video recorded with a handy cam (Canon EOS REBEL SL1). OLAC compliant metadata was collected for every item.
Year: 2015
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