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Sara-Bagirmi Languages Database Project
John Keegan, Unaffiliated Independent Scholar

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Sara-Bagirmi Languages Database Project (Web Resource)
Title: Sara-Bagirmi Languages Database Project
Author: John Keegan
Abstract: This project is dedicated to the study of the Sara-Bagirmi languages, a group of the Central Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan languages. They are spoken principally in Chad and northern Central African Republic. A outline of current information about the languages' geographical location, distribution, numbers of speakers, and classification can be found with SIL's Ethnologue. It is often difficult to find all the sources for these languages, and one is constantly coming across unpublished works -- student theses, missionary works, etc -- for which it is difficult to find a published reference. All languages will be additionally identified by their Ethnologue tag, indicated by square brackets. For example, the Bagirmi language is tagged as [bmi].
Year: 2015
Primary URL: