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The Influence of Japanese Art, Culture, and Aesthetics on the Birth of Cinema, 1860-1910
Daisuke Miyao, Regents of the University of California, San Diego

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“Lumière! Cinéma Inventé.” (Article)
Title: “Lumière! Cinéma Inventé.”
Author: Daisuke Miyao
Abstract: Critical review essay of a 2015 exhibition, “Lumière! Cinéma Inventé.”
Year: 2015
Primary URL:
Access Model: open access
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide
Publisher: Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide

“Japonisme and the Birth of Cinema: A Transmedial and Transnational Analysis of the Lumière Brothers’ Films.” (Article)
Title: “Japonisme and the Birth of Cinema: A Transmedial and Transnational Analysis of the Lumière Brothers’ Films.”
Author: Daisuke Miyao
Abstract: In this essay, I examine the connection between Japonisme and the films of the Lumière brothers. Lumière films have been considered to be “actuality films” or documentary. By focusing on Japonisme that is observed in these films, I locate them in a broader field of media interactions among such cultural products as painting and photography. One of my focuses is on the conflict and negotiation between the camera eye and the physicality of the human eyes and hands that can be witnessed in Lumière films. Moreover, considering the questions posed in Marxist, subaltern, and postcolonial theory about the relationship between center and periphery in formations of modernity, this essay attempts to reveal the process of conflict and negotiation encountered by France and Japan during the period of emerging cinema as a new global visual medium.
Year: 2016
Primary URL:
Access Model: Subscription only
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Journal of Japonisme
Publisher: Brill

Japonisme and the Birth of Cinema (Book)
Title: Japonisme and the Birth of Cinema
Author: Daisuke Miyao
Year: 2020
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: WorldCat entry (1478008539)
Publisher: Duke University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 1478008539