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An Institutional History of the 1872 Brazilian Census and Adoption of the Metric System
Anne Hanley, Northern Illinois University

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Standardizing the Brazilian Nation in the Nineteenth Century (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Standardizing the Brazilian Nation in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Anne G. Hanley
Abstract: Abstract: This paper uses two major events that took place in a single year in Brazil’s history—the 1872 implementation of the first national census and adoption of the metric system of weights and measures—to investigate the expanding reach of the Brazilian state in the nineteenth century. A continental-sized nation with poor infrastructure, Brazilian government agencies sought to improve their knowledge of and management of the vast country through systematic and extensive data collection and reporting. This interest in data collection was part of an international movement spearheaded by statistical societies and spread through international congresses that viewed statistical data as a means to improve exchange. The paper investigates the institutional history of the census and adoption of the metric system in 1872, focusing on the politics and policies behind their conception and design and the logistics of their implementation. It analyzes these innovations to tell the story of how Brazilian political leaders came to see them as valuable endeavors and how they envisioned the utility of both.
Date: 01/06/2018
Conference Name: American Historical Association and Conference on Latin American History