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The Power of Frames: Rethinking Models of Rational Decision-Making
Jose Bermudez Ospina, Texas A & M University, College Station

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Frame It Again: New Tools for Rational Decision-Making (Book)
Title: Frame It Again: New Tools for Rational Decision-Making
Author: Jose Luis Bermudez
Abstract: Framing effects are everywhere. An estate tax looks very different to a death tax. Gun safety seems to be one thing and gun control another. Yet, the consensus from decision theorists, finance professionals, psychologists, and economists is that frame-dependence is completely irrational. This book challenges that view. Some of the toughest decisions we face are just clashes between different frames. It is perfectly rational to value the same thing differently in two different frames, even when the decision-maker knows that these are really two sides of the same coin. Frame It Again sheds new light on the structure of moral predicaments, the nature of self-control, and the rationality of co-operation. Framing is a powerful tool for redirecting public discussions about some of the most polarizing contemporary issues, such as gun control, abortion, and climate change. Learn effective problem-solving and decision-making to get the better of difficult dilemmas.
Year: 2020
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 978-110719293
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