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Philip Agee and the CIA in Ecuador, 1960-1963
Marc Becker, Truman State University

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The CIA and Creole Anticommunism in Cold War Ecuador (Article)
Title: The CIA and Creole Anticommunism in Cold War Ecuador
Author: Marc Becker
Abstract: ‘Creole’, or domestically birthed, anticommunisms came in many different flavours and are in need of deeper investigation to under- stand how they responded to local conditions. This study examines one case from Ecuador where political leaders eagerly manipulated an anticommunist agenda to advance their own partisan prospects in ways that were distinct from the United States government’s global geopolitical concerns. Conservatives had their own motivations, which sometimes paralleled with and at other times came into conflict with those of larger political powers. These ‘creole anticommunisms’ could be more aggressive than those of United States officials, even as they served other purposes.
Year: 2023
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Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Cold War History
Publisher: Cold War History