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Interface Design and Digital Exclusion
Neta Alexander, Colgate University

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Scores: Carolyn Lazard's Crip Minimalism (Article)
Title: Scores: Carolyn Lazard's Crip Minimalism
Author: Mara Mills and Neta Alexander
Abstract: A prominent voice in the New Disability Arts movement, Carolyn Lazard is a multidisciplinary artist rethinking captioning and other access techniques as tools for composition. Reading several of Lazard’s works and collaborations, this essay theorizes the style of captions that functions as “scores”—open-ended scripts inviting audience members to activate the work, their bodies, and each other. As performance scores, these captions instruct or otherwise engage with readers/audiences, requesting their participation in the art making process. Lazard’s use of “scores” in works such as A Recipe for Disaster (2018), CRIP TIME (2018), and Notes from a Panorama (2021) carefully centers Black and brown, chronically ill, and other marginalized communities. As such, it uncovers the repetitive care labor of spectatorship as a form of survival.
Year: 2023
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Film Quarterly
Publisher: Film Quarterly