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Mozart in 18th-Century Prague
Daniel Freeman, University of Minnesota

Grant details:

Mozart in Prague (Book)
Title: Mozart in Prague
Author: Daniel E. Freeman
Abstract: The present volume represents the culmination of one of the author's most treasured professional goals: the completion of a series of monographs matched to each of the three thopics related to the musical culture of 18th century Prague that are of greatest interest to English-speaking music scholars, musicans, and music lovers worldwide: the opera theater of Count Frantz Anton von Sporck (with its connection to Antonio Vivaldi), the career of the Prague composer Josef Myslivecek (with his connection to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozard), and Mozart in Prague. The need for such a series can be illustrated by the fact that the Sporck theater study, published in 1992, ws the first mongraph devoted to the musical life of 18th century Prague ever written in English. The biograpy of Myslivecek was published in 2009. As the most significant component of the series, Mozard in Prague was always intended to be reserved for the last.
Year: 2013
Publisher: Bearclaw Publishers
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9780979422317
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes