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The Existence of Ordinary Objects: A Philosophical Inquiry
Amie Thomasson, Trustees of Dartmouth College

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Metaphysical arguments against ordinary objects (Article)
Title: Metaphysical arguments against ordinary objects
Author: Amie L. Thomasson
Abstract: Several prominent attacks on the objects of 'folk ontology' argue that these would be omitted from a scientific ontology, or would be 'rivals' of scientific objects for their claims to be efficacious, occupy space, be composed of parts, or possess a range of other properties. I examine these arguments and argue that they share a common problem: applying conjunctive principles to cases in which the claims conjoined are not analytically independent. This unified diagnosis provides a way of defending ordinary objects against these common objections, while also yielding warnings about certain uses of general conjunctive principles.
Year: 2006
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Philosophical Quarterly
Publisher: Blackwell