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The German Christian Movement in Print: Selected Texts from 1933-45 in Translation
Mary Solberg, Gustavus Adolphus College

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A Church Undone: Documents of the German Christian Faith Movement, 1932-1940 (Book)
Title: A Church Undone: Documents of the German Christian Faith Movement, 1932-1940
Author: Mary M. Solberg
Abstract: Decades after the Holocaust, many assume that the churches in Germany resisted the Nazi regime. In fact, resistance was exceptional. Almost all Germans were Christians, and almost all Christians in Germany stood by, becoming intentionally or unintentionally complicit in Nazi policies and practices. In the early 1930s a movement emerged with the aim of fully integrating Nazi ideology, German national identity, and Christian faith. The "Deutsche Christen," or German Christians, as they were called, interpreted the Christian faith and the role of the church in society in service of the Nazi revolution. For the first time in English, Mary M. Solberg presents a selection of representative documents of the German Christians--books and pamphlets, radio talks and speeches, even retranslations of Scripture. Her introduction to the volume sets the historical context, and short introductions accompany each reading. The collection includes key responses critical of the German Christians by Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, among others.
Year: 2015
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Publisher: Fortress Press
Type: Edited Volume
Type: Translation
ISBN: 9781451464726
Translator: Mary M. Solberg
Copy sent to NEH?: No