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The Unjust Philosopher of Plato's REPUBLIC
Roslyn Weiss, Lehigh University

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Philosophers in the 'Republic': Plato's Two Paradigms (Book)
Title: Philosophers in the 'Republic': Plato's Two Paradigms
Author: Roslyn Weiss
Abstract: It is argued that Plato's 'Republic' contains two types of philosopher, the natural philosopher who loves the Forms and would rule willingly under reasonable circumstances, and the philosopher by design who has no natural love for the Forms but has to be coerced both to ascend out of the 'Cave' to the transcendent realm and to descend to the Cave to rule.
Year: 2012
Primary URL: http://
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9780801449741
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes