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"Strangers in the Blood": Illegitimacy in England, 1860-1939
Ginger Frost, Samford University

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Illegitimacy in English Law and Society, 1860-1930 (Book)
Title: Illegitimacy in English Law and Society, 1860-1930
Author: Ginger S. Frost
Abstract: This book explores the legal and social consequences of growing up illegitimate in England and Wales. Unlike most other studies of illegitimacy, Frost's book concentrates on the late-Victorian period and the early twentieth century, and takes the child's point of view rather than that of the mother or of 'child-saving' groups. Doing so allows for an extended analysis of criminal and civil cases involving illegitimacy, including less-studied aspects such as affiliation suits, the poor law and war pensions. In addition, the book explores the role of blended, extended and adoptive families, the circulation of children through different homes and institutions, and the prejudices children endured in school, work and home. While showing how the effects of illegitimacy varied both by class and gender, the book highlights the ways in which children showed resilience in surviving the various types of discrimination common in this period. It will appeal to anyone interested in British social history, childhood studies, or legal history.
Year: 2016
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Publisher: Manchester University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 9781784992606
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