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A Critical Translation of Miguel Angel Asturias's Leyendas de Guatemala
Richard Washbourne, Kent State University

Grant details:

Legends of Guatemala (Book)
Title: Legends of Guatemala
Author: Miguel Angel Asturias
Abstract: The first English-language translation of Guatemalan Nobel Laureate Migel Angel Asturias' first book of fiction. Leyendas de Guatemala (1930) was a groundbreaking achievement of "ethnographic surrealism", a liberating avant-grade recreation of popular tales and characters from the Guatemalan collective unconscious, including from the Mayan sacred text, the Popol Vuh. A riot of folklore,, colonial resistance, animistic nature, and the unfolding drama of hybrid ethnic identity-formation.
Year: 2011
Publisher: Latin American Literary Review Press
Type: Single author monograph
Type: Translation
ISBN: 9781891270536
Translator: Kelly Washbourne
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes