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Cia Siab (Hope) in Wisconsin: A HMoob (Hmong) Story
Mai See Thao, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

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The Hmong Story as American History (Conference Paper/Presentation) [show prizes]
Title: The Hmong Story as American History
Author: Mai See Thao
Author: Amy Xiong
Author: Emily Xiong
Author: Liseng Xiong
Abstract: Cia Siab (Hope) in Wisconsin is a community-based participatory exhibit. It’s decolonial approaches undoes museum practices, decentering objects by centering how historical trauma and healing shows up in Hmong everyday life in WI. Drawing on marginalized Hmong voices, this exhibit is a public humanities project that transforms institutions and communities.
Date: 3/9/2022
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Primary URL Description: Research in Rotunda: Showcasing the Work of UW Undergraduates