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Jews, Health, and Healing
Karen Falk, Jewish Museum of Maryland

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Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews & Medicine in America (Catalog)
Title: Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews & Medicine in America
Author: Dr. Deborah R. Weiner, editor
Author: Karen L. Falk, editor
Author: Alan M. Kraut
Author: Mitchell B. Hart
Author: Cara Rock-Singer
Author: Ted Merwin
Abstract: An exhibition on Jews and medicine presented us with an ideal opportunity to apply a historical perspective to illuminate how scientific and cultural concerns have intertwined to shape not only the American Jewish experience, but an important field of human endeavor. Moreover, because our museum is based in Baltimore and surrounded by world-renowned hospitals and medical schools that are at the forefront of medical innovation, the topic offered a chance to connect with our community’s heritage and to draw on our rich collection of materials dealing with the local experience of Jews in medicine. While packed with information and insights, the Beyond Chicken Soup exhibit necessarily leaves out a great deal. To extend our investigation, this catalog features essays by four distinguished authors who delve more deeply into the exhibit’s themes. In the opening essay, “Strangers and Healers: The Jewish Immigrant Body and Healthcare’s Role in the American Assimilation Experience,” Alan Kraut examines how medicine served as a vehicle for assimilation and acculturation for American Jews. Kraut contends that the campaign to encourage Jewish immigrants to adapt a healthy and fit lifestyle, based on American standards, was a response to antisemitic characterizations of the Jewish body as diseased and weak.
Year: 2016
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Catalog Type: Exhibition Catalog
Publisher: Jewish Museum of Maryland