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Products for grant GI-50192-10

The Meaning of Service: Building the Practice of Humanities-Based Reflection at the Core of Volunteer Service
Geoffrey Banks, Illinois Humanities Council

Grant details:

Justice Talking (Web Resource)
Title: Justice Talking
Author: Serve Ohio
Abstract: Justice Talking is a national reading and discussion program for service volunteers featuring discussions that use short philosophical and literary texts, images, videos and news articles on the nature of justice, service, and related themes. In partnership with the Ohio Humanities Council, the Illinois Humanities Council, and the Project on Civic Reflection, ServeOhio hosts AmeriCorps program staff and members for Justice Talking facilitation training and presents curriculum.OHC Logo Workshop participants become more familiar with the art of humanities-based discussion and have a better understanding of the importance of civic reflection. Participants leave the workshop prepared to lead similar discussions and to advocate for reflection that complements individual service efforts. The Project on Civic Reflection (PCR) leads discussions, blending brief presentations, group discussion and hands-on facilitation. Participants take turns leading discussions and receiving feedback, learn different types of questions to pose and receive guidance on handling the responsibilities and challenges of facilitation.
Year: 2013
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Volunteer Florida and Florida Humanities Council Partner to Launch Meaning of Service Program (Article)
Title: Volunteer Florida and Florida Humanities Council Partner to Launch Meaning of Service Program
Author: CCR
Abstract: In November 2011, Volunteer Florida partnered with the Florida Humanities Council to launch the Meaning of Service Project, a national reading and discussion program for service volunteers and organizations. The Meaning of Service Project integrates civic reflection into AmeriCorps programs, national service programs, and other service partners through a team of 20 trained civic reflection facilitators.
Year: 2012
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Format: Other

Taking Action (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Taking Action
Author: Adam Davis
Abstract: Edited by Adam Davis. The Great Books Foundation, 2012. Taking Action inspires a wide range of service professionals to take a step back from their daily work, and think and talk to one another about their values, aspirations, and challenges. Fifty-five short readings and six visual images provide thought-provoking discussion material for educators, social workers, community organizers, law enforcement personnel, medical professionals, and others who work to make the world a better place. The anthology contains texts and images that address the following six topics: Need and Care Teaching and Learning Difference and Connection Serving and Protecting Action and Outcomes Here and Now In addition to 55 texts and 6 images, Taking Action provides discussion questions and opening activities for each selection, and tips for conducting reflective discussions.
Year: 2012
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Audience: K - 12

Discussion Plans (Web Resource)
Title: Discussion Plans
Author: Center for Civic Reflection
Abstract: Discussion Plans View over 100 discussion plans that people have used to get communities and organizations talking across the country. We hope the plans will help you think about possible themes, questions, and how you will connect people's personal experiences to the resource(s) you have selected. And remember -- these plans are meant to be guides, not prescriptions. The more you add questions in your own words, the better your discussion will be.
Year: 2011
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Facilitator Summaries (Web Resource)
Title: Facilitator Summaries
Author: Center for Civic Reflection
Abstract: Facilitator summaries are snapshots of discussions led by other facilitators, and they can be a great tool for planning your own conversation. What resources are other people using? What themes did they explore and with whom? How did they start the discussion? What would they do differently? You can find all the answers here.
Year: 2011
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