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The Development of Digital Documentary Editing Platforms
Jennifer Stertzer, University of Virginia

Grant details:

The Development of Digital Documentary Editing Platforms (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: The Development of Digital Documentary Editing Platforms
Author: Jennifer Stertzer
Author: Cathy Hajo
Abstract: We are proposing a showcase that will present the findings of a NEH Digital Humanities Advancement grant-funded workshop, to take place in Spring 2018. This workshop will bring together editors and technical experts currently engaged with or interested in two open-source content management systems—Omeka and Drupal—to explore how the platforms are currently being used at projects and the editorial and publication needs that drove each project’s development as well as projects that are considering digital publication and/or technical solutions, review the project requirements, and compile a list of must have features and functionalities. The showcase will consist of posters* and two computers. Two of the posters will present “What is Drupal” and “What is Omeka,” focusing on how both platforms can be used for editorial work and publication; additional posters will illustrate use cases: the Jane Addams Papers Project, the George Washington Financial Papers Project, and others (ie. Martin Van Buren Papers project, Civil War Governors of Kentucky, Howard Thurman Papers Project). Hajo and Stertzer (and other participating project directors) will be on hand to discuss the platforms and findings as well as solicit feedback and ideas for additional options and future development work. There will also be two computers available for digital demonstrations of both platforms.
Date: 6/21/2018
Conference Name: Association for Documentary Editing