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Products for grant HAA-256187-17

Integrating Digital Humanities into the Web of Scholarship with SHARE: An Exploration of Requirements
Judy Ruttenberg, Association of Research Libraries

Grant details:

SHARE-ing Omeka in the Web of Digital Scholarship (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: SHARE-ing Omeka in the Web of Digital Scholarship
Author: Michael Roth, Heather Froehlich, Cynthia Vitale
Abstract: The SHARE Project needed to gather descriptive information from publicly available Digital Humanities projects in a way that could be easily uploaded into their database. The best way to do so was by using freely available web scraping tools to extract metadata such as titles, descriptions, and organizations. Projects build using Omeka CMS were the primary focus of measuring success of the tools.
Date: 07/25/19
Primary URL:
Conference Name: ACH2019

SHARE DH PROJECT (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Author: Joanne Paterson
Abstract: Presentation on Share and the ongoing work with integrating DH given at the Access 2018 conference in Hamilton, Ontario
Date: 10/12/18
Primary URL:
Conference Name: Access 2018