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Products for grant HAA-263800-19

Measuring Polyphony: An Online Music Editor for Late Medieval Polyphony
Karen Desmond, Brandeis University

Grant details:

Online Mensural Music Editor (Computer Program)
Title: Online Mensural Music Editor
Author: Karen Desmond
Author: Juliette Regimbal
Author: Martha Thomae
Author: Craig Sapp
Author: Andrew Hankinson
Author: Laurent Pugin
Abstract: The online mensural music editor allows a variety of users (students and experts, musicologists, music theorists, palaeographers, musicians, singers, etc.) to both access and contribute transcriptions of medieval polyphonic music directly linked to images of the medieval manuscripts. It allows users with no expertise in music encoding to encode large amounts of music data in mensural notation following the community based open-access standards of the Music Encoding Initiative, thereby increasing medieval music repertoires available for study, performance, and analysis.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: This is the source code in Github (open source)
Access Model: Open access
Programming Language/Platform: Javascript
Source Available?: Yes