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Products for grant HAA-266501-19

Interactive VR Simulation of an Eighteenth-Century Paris Fair Theatre: VESPACE
Jeffrey Leichman, Louisiana State University

Grant details:

VESPACE Foire Saint-Germain Marionnette Theatre (Game/Simulation)
Title: VESPACE Foire Saint-Germain Marionnette Theatre
Author: Jean-Pierre Desrousseaux
Author: Paul François
Abstract: This model includes a recorded version of 'Polichinelle censeur des théâtres' (Denis Carolet, 1737) performed by Jean-Pierre Desrousseaux. Download all files in 'MonoBleedingEdge' and 'Theatre Marionnettes Demo_Data' and then launch 'Theatre Marionettes Demo.exe' The access and documentation to this version of the model will be significantly cleaned up and augmented prior to the next report.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:
Access Model: open access
Programming Language/Platform: This model was made in unity, but should be accessible as a self-contained app
Source Available?: Yes