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Products for grant HAA-269019-20

Accessibility in Digital Humanities: Making Clio Available to All
David Trowbridge, Marshall University Research Corporation

Grant details:

Clio (Web Resource)
Title: Clio
Author: David Trowbridge
Abstract: Clio is an educational website and mobile application that guides the public to thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States. Built by scholars for public benefit, each entry includes a concise summary and useful information about a historical site, museum, monument, landmark, or other site of cultural or historical significance. In addition, “time capsule” entries allow users to learn about historical events that occurred around them. Each entry offers turn-by-turn directions as well as links to relevant books, articles, videos, primary sources, and credible websites.
Year: 2014
Primary URL:

Oral History and Clio: Connecting Oral History, Sense of Place, and a Public Audience (Blog Post)
Title: Oral History and Clio: Connecting Oral History, Sense of Place, and a Public Audience
Author: David Trowbridge
Author: Kathleen Thompson
Abstract: Digital technologies have created the opportunity to share oral history interviews in new ways, as evidenced by the many projects we discuss here on the blog and in the journal’s media reviews. The educational nonprofit, Clio, offers a place-based website and mobile interface to experience history where it happened. A recent update allows integration of audio files into the app, and our guest authors discuss ways oral historians can connect their interviews to the physical environment. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Trowbridge share how organizations and scholars around the country have used Clio to embed oral histories and other sources along with context into the physical landscape via Clio.
Date: 10/30/2020
Primary URL:
Website: Oral History Review