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Data Repository Infrastructure for Prosopographic Data
Sarah Stanley, Florida State University

Grant details:

Repository for Prosopographic Data (Report)
Title: Repository for Prosopographic Data
Author: Stanley, Sarah
Abstract: This project set out to think through different considerations that need to be made before building a data repository for prosopographic data through a series of workshops. The primary focus of the discussions was on how to build infrastructure that will actually be usable and used by its constituencies. The workshop generated a lot of discussion about the people who use data humanities infrastructure and how we can center them as we build new data sharing and preservation apparatuses. The primary outputs of this project were the User Personas, which can eventually be transformed into a User Requirements document for a future repository developer. The “Specific Goals” column for each user outlines in detail the necessary functionality for this repository.
Date: 04/02/2022
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Access Model: Open Access