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On Our Own Ground: Pequot Community Papers, 1813-1849 - Recording daily life in two of Connecticut’s Native Communities
Paul Grant-Costa, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation

Grant details:

On Our Own Ground: Pequot Community Papers, 1813-1850 (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: On Our Own Ground: Pequot Community Papers, 1813-1850
Author: Paul Grant-Costa
Author: Tobias Glaza
Abstract: On Our Own Ground: Pequot Community Papers, 1813-1850 The Digital Humanities grant product includes digital images, transcriptions, annotations, interactive biographies, geographies, and commentary generated and organized by NNRC editors with the assistance editorial assistants from the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot Nations. Community scholars from the Eastern and Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nations reviewed content, worked collaboratively with Editors in the annotation process, adding information, commentary and perspective. The records, a series of 19th-Century Eastern and Mashantucket Pequot manuscript overseer reports, detail the income and expenses of two Native communities and include debt accounting through goods and services delivered to tribal members and income derived from land rental or labor, providing unique insights into the daily lives of Native people in Early Republic Connecticut. These materials are part of an important but often overlooked collection that provides insight into the daily life of these two communities. The records are freely-accessible on the NNRC’s digital platform, the Native Northeast Portal.
Year: 2020
Primary URL: http://
Primary URL Description: The documentary corpus of Pequot Community records is gathered together as two separate collections.
Access Model: Open access