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Products for grant HD-50173-07

Records of Early English Drama: Digital Innovations for Enhanced Access
Alan Nelson, University of California, Berkeley

Grant details:

"Meikle program" (internal use only) (Computer Program)
Title: "Meikle program" (internal use only)
Author: Alan H. Nelson
Author: Barry Meikle
Abstract: Purpose of program was to begin testing use of TEI-XML on REED data, requiring the conversion from recorded embedded with long-established but internal ASCII-codes. This an essential first step leading to the prototype Fortune Records with sample endnotes, document descriptions, and embedded footnotes, developed by a 2012 Mellon grant and now online. The pioneering work done thanks to the NEH grant gave us credibility on the application to Mellon, as the NEH-funded project was cited in building the case to Mellon. That first NEH digital grant continues to be listed every time REED applies for further funding for digital purposes. An early goal of producing simultaneous print and digital editions was overtaken by the rapidity of "born-digital" publishing opportunities. Nevertheless, the conversion routine developed with funding from the grant has enabled an unanticipated REED project, which is the "pre-publication" of records by individual REED editors, making records available to the public even before they have been subjected to the full vetting by REED staff. The same conversion routine will be used in converting pre-TEI REED files for eventual publication online.
Year: 2009
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Primary URL is the REED website.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: Secondary URL is for the "Pre-publication" webpage of REED. Pre-publication is not the computer program developed under the NEH grant, but is one of the direct results of the computer-program.
Access Model: Use internal to REED only, but we will gladly share.
Programming Language/Platform: Program developed with PERL for TEI output
Source Available?: Yes