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Looking for Whitman: the Poetry of Place in the Life and Work of Walt Whitman
Matthew Gold, CUNY Research Foundation, NYC College of Technology

Grant details:

"Looking for Whitman: A Grand, Aggregated Experiment" (Book Section)
Title: "Looking for Whitman: A Grand, Aggregated Experiment"
Author: Matthew K. Gold
Author: Jim Groom
Editor: Matthew K. Gold
Abstract: The "Looking for Whitman" project served as an opportunity to illustrate how loosely networked learning spaces could be used to re-imagine the possibilities for connection among students and faculty working on related projects at a disparate range of institutions. As a case study for linked courses across universities, it framed the importance of an open and porous learning ecosystem that used network effects to aggregate and amplify student work, building a larger, focused conversation around the relationship of particular literary texts to particular geographical spaces.
Year: 2012
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Primary URL Description: UMN Press website
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Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Book Title: Debates in the Digital Humanities
ISBN: 978-0816677955