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Image to XML (img2xml)
Natalia Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Image to XML (image2xml) Project Site (Web Resource)
Title: Image to XML (image2xml) Project Site
Author: Erika Lindemann
Author: Natasha Smith
Author: Hugh Cayless
Abstract: At the heart of this website is the journal of James Lawrence Dusenbery: the "book of verses and fragments" that he kept to chronicle his senior year at the University of North Carolina from 1841 to 1842. To help recreate the world Dusenbery inhabited, we have surrounded the journal with numerous manuscripts and images that document his family and schoolfellows, as well as the cultural and social milieu that we glimpse within the journal.
Year: 2011
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: "Verses and Fragments: The James L. Dusenbery Journal (1841–1842")