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Curating Kisumu: Adapting Mobile Humanities Interpretation in East Africa
J. Mark Souther, Cleveland State University

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Local as Global (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Local as Global
Author: J. Mark Souther
Abstract: MW2015 Professional Forum 9 (Got Tech? How Small-town Museums and Historical Societies Can Go Digital) explores local, place-based digital projects within state, national, and global frameworks. Community pillars and repositories of history and memory, many museums are struggling the face of an ever evolving technological landscape. Consultants for local museums have commented that small museums “lack all of the new technology platforms” and as a result these museums will “most likely fall further behind the industry and become less relevant to the intended audience.” By looking at recent digital initiatives from across the country, this panel highlights ways in which museums can use this opportunity to not only jump on the digital bandwagon, but also reach a new and larger audience. The Smithsonian Institution, the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities, and the Florida Humanities Council are a few of the national and statewide institutions that are partnering with small town museums and historic sites through new digital initiatives. We discuss twenty-first century solutions for museums and historic sites by examining interactive experiences that explore how we can leverage current collections/resources and thus highlight the pivotal role these institutions can play within the larger community. J. Mark Souther's presentation, "Local as Global," introduces the NEH-funded digital humanities project "Curating Kisumu" and draws preliminary lessons for small museums from his experience leading a mobile app development project in collaboration with a university in Kenya.
Date: 04/10/2015
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Conference Name: Museums and the Web