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Aubrey Beardsley: A Catalogue Raisonne
Linda Zatlin, Morehouse College

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Aubrey Beardsley: A Catalogue Raisonne (Book)
Title: Aubrey Beardsley: A Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Linda Gertner Zatlin
Abstract: This is the first book to bring together the recorded works of the English artist Aubrey Beardsley. Despite his early death from tuberculosis in 1898, at the age of 25, these amount to nearly 1100 completed works of art (plus many related sketches) as well as more than 100 sketches in his letters and the books he owned, and this book includes over 50 that have never previously been published. In his brief career Beardsley made a defining contribution to Art Nouveau in Britain and abroad. He also influenced the early history of modern art, attracting the attention of the young Picasso, for example. His distinctive and innovatory graphic style, combined with highly provocative, often sexual subject matter, outraged critics and led to a period of intense notoriety. Beardsley's drawings span the grotesque, the delicately beautiful, the subtly erotic, and the frankly bawdy, and challenged the moral norms of Victorian society. They enthralled artists and art lovers the world over and continue to enthrall today.
Year: 2016
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Primary URL Description: Yale University Press, London, UK
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Publisher: Yale University Press, London
Type: Single author monograph
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780300111279
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