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Digital Humanities Research Institutes: Further Expanding Communities of Practice
Lisa Rhody, CUNY Research Foundation, Graduate School and University Center

Grant details:

The Digital Humanities Research Institute Curriculum (Web Resource)
Title: The Digital Humanities Research Institute Curriculum
Author: Lisa Rhody
Author: Kalle Westerling
Author: Di Yoong
Author: Param Ajmera
Author: Filipa Calado
Author: Olivia Ildefonso
Author: Connor French
Author: Stefano Morello
Author: Rafael Portela Davis
Abstract: The Digital Humanities Research Institute (DHRI) curriculum features workshops, tutorials, glossaries, resources, reading materials, and more that have been developed at The Graduate Center, City Univerity of New York since 2016. Part of a 2019 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Office of Digital Humanities (ODH), DHRI's curriculum, which was originally developed for in-person workshops, was revised in Summer 2020 to better meet the needs of virtual instruction due to the covid-19 pandemic. While the curriculum has always been available openly on GitHub, this site creates a more user-friendly and functional interface that is open and free for public use. The DHRI curriculum focuses on technical skills and concepts upon which additional technologies and tools rely. We call these foundational skills. Approximately one-third of all workshops at the Institute could be described as foundational: they introduce concepts such as the command line, version control & data collaboration, data literacy, and an introduction to programming with Python. The materials and workshops on this site are designed for users who are either unfamiliar with technology or could simply benefit from filling in gaps in their knowledge. Workshops and tutorials here encourage the use of open source technologies making them accessible to the widest possible audiences. We believe our emphasis on foundational skills demonstrates our commitment to empowering humanities researchers to become confident self-teachers and mentors in their own right who can make informed decisions about their research materials and methods that will lead to successful, sustainable, and long-term research goals. Read more about our philosophy on the DHRI website.
Year: 2020
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