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All the Appalachian Trails
Theodore Kelly, George Mason University

Grant details:

All the Appalachian Trails Design Document (Report)
Title: All the Appalachian Trails Design Document
Author: Mills Kelly
Author: Abigail Mullen
Abstract: The Appalachian Trail is the United States’ most iconic long-distance hiking trail, but its history is not widely known by the people who use it. All the Appalachian Trails is an interactive website that explicates the Appalachian Trail’s nearly 100-year history through an investigation of the changes in the trail’s route over time. Using historical maps and primary sources, users will be able to see different trail routes and discover a more complex understanding of the history of the trail and the ways in which the trail informs the larger history of the 20th-century United States. Users will be able to follow links from a large interactive map to primary sources, to digital exhibits about topics of interest to hikers and trail workers, to scholarly essays about the AT’s place in the history of the United States. The website is intended for a broad public audience, especially people with a personal connection to the trail, either through hiking or maintaining the trail.
Date: 05/31/19
Access Model: Submitted to NEH