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Products for grant MD-277096-21

Exploring the Cajun Roots: Augmented Reality Tour of Acadia History
Beenish Chaudhry, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Grant details:

Design Representations from Formative Research (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Design Representations from Formative Research
Author: Beenish Moalla Chaudhry
Abstract: In this module, students will learn how to create personas, scenarios, and storyboards based on formative research to inform the design process. Students will gain an understanding of how to use these design representations to create user-centered designs that meet the needs of target users. Students will be assessed based on the quality of their personas, scenarios, and storyboards and how well they reflect the user needs and goals identified in formative research. Students will also be assessed on their ability to apply the "Questions, Options, Criteria" framework to make design decisions based on the design representation
Year: 2023
Audience: Undergraduate

Requirements Specification Doucment (Report)
Title: Requirements Specification Doucment
Author: Beenish Moalla Chaudhry
Abstract: This requirements specification document presents user personas and functional and non-functional requirements for an app that aims to enhance the visitor experience at Vermilionville Village, a living history museum in Lafayette, Louisiana. The user personas developed in this study include a school student, a community member, a visitor from outside the community, and a ULL history professor. Each persona is based on demographic information, background, personality traits, goals and motivations, and potential challenges that they may encounter during their visit. The functional requirements identified for the app include interactive maps, historical and cultural information, the ability to purchase tickets and make reservations, and compatibility with different devices and operating systems. Non-functional requirements include user-friendliness, accessibility, security, and privacy.
Date: 6/1/2022