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A History of African American Music: Interactive Digital Timeline Prototyping Project
Christopher Amos, Carnegie Hall

Grant details:

Timeline of African American Music (working prototype) (Web Resource)
Title: Timeline of African American Music (working prototype)
Author: Carnegie Hall
Author: Dr. Portia K. Maultsby
Abstract: The Timeline of African American Music is an engaging and innovative digital resource that makes humanities content on African American music, culture, and history accessible to a broad public audience. Based on the work of lead scholar Dr. Portia Maultsby, the Founding Director of the Archives of African America Music and Culture at Indiana University, the digital timeline presents a survey of the evolution of African American musical genres over the past 400 years—from the earliest folk traditions to contemporary popular music. It serves as an introduction to the richness and diversity of African American music, focusing on the distinct characteristics and development of each genre and offering an in-depth look at the pioneers who defined some of America’s most influential artistic expressions. Visitors can learn about various genres and historical movements through multimedia stories, photos, historical images (including related holdings from Carnegie Hall's Archives), and listen to musical works.
Year: 2019
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is a video walkthrough of the working prototype showing the timeline's features and functionality.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: This is a link to the functional prototype. Please note that the prototype has limited content and does not have full functionality. There are 2 main stories and 3 genres loaded—New Orleans-Style Jazz, Rural Blues, and Swing Bands. Outside of this, users will see mostly blank pages.