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Stephen Wittek, Carnegie Mellon University

Grant details:

Sweet Sorrow (Game/Simulation)
Title: Sweet Sorrow
Author: Stephen Wittek
Abstract: This new prototype from the Shakespeare-VR Project at Carnegie Mellon University simulates the experience of performing Shakespearean drama in an immersive, historically accurate simulation of the indoor theater used by Shakespeare's company. See for lesson plans, etc.
Year: 2022
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Primary URL Description: SideQuest (virtual reality platform)
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Open Access Collection (Open Access eBook or Collection)
Publication Type: Open Access Collection
Title: Shakespeare and Virtual Reality
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781009007061
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: David McInnis (ed.)
Author: Stephen Wittek (ed.)
Abstract: Teaching Shakespeare through performance has a long history, and active methods of teaching and learning are a logical complement to the teaching of performance. Virtual reality ought to be the logical extension of such active learning, providing an unrivalled immersive experience of performance that overcomes historical and geographical boundaries. But what are the key advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality, especially as it pertains to Shakespeare? And more interestingly, what can Shakespeare do for VR (rather than vice versa)? This Element, the first on its topic, explores the ways that virtual reality can be used in the classroom and the ways that it might radically change how students experience and think about Shakespeare in performance.
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Primary URL Description: Cambridge University Press website
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Type: Edited Volume