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Purchase Storage Furniture and Supplies for Knott House Collections Storage
Beatrice Cotellis, Florida Department of State

Grant details:

Knott House Collection (Acquisitions/Materials Collection)
Name: Knott House Collection
Abstract: The Knott House Museum (KHM) is a 164 year old home with the belongings of W.V. and Luella Knott, who moved into the house in 1928. Historical themes include the Great Depression, 20th century political history, women’s movements, and art in the 1930s. Materials were purchased, artifacts packed and moved to off-site storage; storage furniture was purchased, assembled and installed; artifacts were returned, stored, and location listed on the inventory. The new shelving increased the linear feet of storage from 202 to 505. The increased capacity made it possible to properly shelve and care for artifacts. Wooden platforms were replaced with properly-coated adjustable metal shelving. This eliminated the harmful vapors from wood as well as the acid migration, so harmful to textiles and paper. Crowding was eliminated and artifacts were removed from boxes so they are accessible. Archival materials were placed in filing cabinets and books shelved. The ability to use and study the collection has improved. Location codes on each shelf make it possible to find any artifact. Labor for inventories before and after the move was provided by two graduate interns, Steffany Hagler and Allison Eaton. After the project, Ms. Hagler was hired as a curator at the Museum of Florida History and Ms Eaton was hired by the National Archives. The NEH project at KHM provided experience that was vital to the students’ career goals.
Director: Beatrice Cotellis
Director: Lisa Barton
Year: 2007
Address: Knott House Museum 301 East Park Avenue Tallahassee, FL 32301
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Website for the Knott House Museum & Museum of Florida History