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World War II and Monhegan: A multimedia online exhibition depicting the wartime experience of the residents of a remote island.
Jennifer Pye, Monhegan Museum

Grant details:

World War II: On-Island and Abroad (Web Resource)
Title: World War II: On-Island and Abroad
Author: Emily Grey
Author: Pamela Rollinger
Author: Tara Hire
Author: Jennifer Pye
Abstract: The Second World War had a dramatic impact on the everyday lives of individuals across the country, and while far from the fighting, the residents of Maine’s remote offshore islands were profoundly affected by the war overseas. The multimedia online exhibition World War II: On-Island and Abroad uses oral histories, artwork, letters memoirs, film footage, and newspaper clippings to tell the stories of the islanders who went to war, and those who remained on-island.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:

Postwar Modernism on Monhegan (Web Resource)
Title: Postwar Modernism on Monhegan
Author: Emily Grey
Author: Pamela Rollinger
Author: Joan Brady
Author: Rebecca FitzPatrick
Author: Jennifer Pye
Abstract: The trajectory of art history on Monhegan was forever changed when a group of New York City artists discovered the Monhegan muse after World War II. We explore the work of twelve artists who lived in New York in the winter, and spent summers on Monhegan Island. They met at art school or through the Federal Art Project created during the Depression. On Monhegan, they made up a large part of the post World War II art community, choosing the island for its affordability, inspiration, and isolation. They shared close friendships, engaging in sketching groups, art critiques, and poker games with the year-rounders; but at the same time respected each other’s need for creative space. Together they contributed to the revitalization of the art colony on Monhegan Island in the mid-twentieth-century.
Year: 2021
Primary URL: http://
Primary URL Description: An online exhibition describing revitalization of Monhegan's art colony post-World War 2 with the arrival of a group of New York artists who were influences by abstraction.