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Products for grant PD-250041-16

Achumawi (Pit River; acv) Linguistic Database
Bruce Nevin, Endangered Language Fund, Inc.

Grant details:

Achumawi.db (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Achumawi.db
Author: Bruce Nevin
Abstract: Product of ongoing work. Snapshots, in the form of backup files, are posted at for researchers and members of the Pit River (Achumawi) tribe. Annually on or about July 1 a snapshot is archived at the American Philosophical Society.
Year: 2016
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Instructions for downloading the database backup file; for downloading and installing the database software, fonts, keyboard customization, etc.; and for creating one's local mirror of the database by using the database software to 'restore' the most recent backup file.
Access Model: Open access