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Building Kaniaina, the Hawaiian Spoken Language Repository
Keiki Kawaiaea, University of Hawaii, Hilo

Grant details:

Building Kaniʻāina, The Spoken Hawaiian Language Repository (Article)
Title: Building Kaniʻāina, The Spoken Hawaiian Language Repository
Author: Kimura L.
Author: Berez-Kroeker A.
Author: Stauffer R.
Author: Trapp, K.
Author: Walker, S.
Author: Yarbrough, D.
Author: Kawaiʻaeʻa, K.
Abstract: The paper describes the development of Kani‘āina, the digital repository for recordings and transcripts of spoken Native Hawaiian. Kani‘āina is the first and only repository focusing on making documentation of native Hawaiian speech accessible. First, this project is useful for linguistic and natural-language-processing research on many genres of spoken Hawaiian, including but not limited to the intonational, quantitative corpus, gesture, grammar-in-discourse, and lexical data. Second, Kaniʻāina and especially the Ka Leo Hawaiʻi radio broadcasts contain a wealth of ecological knowledge including traditional medicinal practices, (ethno-)zoology, (ethno-)botany, agriculture, fisheries, and sustainable ecology (e.g., fishing cycles, the kapu system, and concerns and observations or comments applicable to concerns of global warming). Third, Kaniʻāina contains cultural, anthropological, and historical accounts of Hawaiian people and places explained directly by the experts themselves.
Year: 2021
Access Model: open access
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: State of the art of indigenous languages in research: A collection of selected research papers
Publisher: New York: UNESCO