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Klallam Dictionary and Electronic Text Archive
Timothy Montler, University of North Texas

Grant details:

Klallam Language (Web Resource)
Title: Klallam Language
Author: Timothy Montler
Abstract: Klallam language material including a classified word list: 3500 Klallam words with around 1000 linked to mp3 sound files; four interactive flash videos (conversation between elders with subtitles); a set of model sentences in 117 mp3 files from the Klallam grammar; a set of four computer games for learning Klallam vocabulary and pronunciation to download; a set of 85 morphologically analyzed useful phrases with audio; two narratives with audio and grammatical analysis; three YouTube videos with Klallam and English subtitles; a set of Klallam tongue twisters with audio; photos of Klallam Language Program participants; a bibliography; a family tree of the Salishan languages; a description of the alphabet; a map of the Klallam language and neighboring languages; Klallam keyboard software and a guide to using it.
Year: 2009
Primary URL:

Klallam Dictionary (Book)
Title: Klallam Dictionary
Author: Timothy Montler
Abstract: A comprehensive dictionary of the Klallam language with affix and root indexes
Year: 2012
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Type: Single author monograph

Dictionary of Klallam Traditional Names (Book)
Title: Dictionary of Klallam Traditional Names
Author: Beatrice Charles
Author: Timothy Montler
Author: Adeline Smith
Abstract: A complete list of all recorded Klallam traditional names with genealogical information.
Year: 2010
Type: Multi-author monograph

How the Klallam Village at Pysht was Demolished (Film/TV/Video Broadcast or Recording)
Title: How the Klallam Village at Pysht was Demolished
Writer: Timothy Montler
Writer: Ed Sampson
Producer: Timothy Montler
Abstract: Video with Klallam and English subtitles. The late Klallam elder Ed Sampson tells how the Klallam village of Pysht (at the mouth of the Pysht River) was demolished by a logging company. He and Hazel were a young married couple away in Port Angeles looking for work. They came home to find all their belongings destroyed. The story told in 1992 took place in the 1920's.
Year: 2010
Primary URL:
Format: Video
Format: Web

Klallam Grammar (Scalar Edition) (Web Resource)
Title: Klallam Grammar (Scalar Edition)
Author: Timothy Montler
Abstract: This is a hypertext version of the Klallam Grammar published in 2015 by the University of Washington Press.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: A pedagogically oriented reference grammar of the Klallam language