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Analysis and Optimization of the High Point Museum's Preservation Environment
Corinne Midgett, City of High Point

Grant details:

Preservation Consulting Report (Report)
Title: Preservation Consulting Report
Author: Kelly M. Krish
Author: Christopher Cameron
Abstract: In the fall of 2019, the High Point Museum contracted with the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) to support a project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to conduct a mechanical system assessment for the air handling units serving the main collection storage space and the gallery spaces. The purpose of this project was to provide short and long-term recommendations for the improvement of the collection environment that the High Point Museum can reasonably implement. The goals of the project were to analyze the preservation quality of current environmental conditions provided by the mechanical systems and provide short and long-term recommendations to improve preservation and energy-efficient operation, while considering the historic nature of the building envelope. The report summarizes an evaluation based on a site visit performed by IPI Sustainable Preservation Specialist, Christopher Cameron, and Executive Director, Jae Gutierrez, as well as documentation review by Preventive Conservation Specialist, Kelly Krish, and discussions and data analysis with High Point Museum staff over an 18 month period. Findings include recommendations to improve dehumidification, implement seasonal set points, and address possible building envelope issues.
Date: 07/31/2021