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General Preservation Assessment for the Humanities Collections in La Verne’s Cultural & Natural History Collections
Felicia Beardsley, University of La Verne

Grant details:

Conservation Assessment Report for the Cultural and Natural History Collections, University of La Verne (Report)
Title: Conservation Assessment Report for the Cultural and Natural History Collections, University of La Verne
Author: Irena Calinescu, Fine Arts Conservation LLC
Author: Kellie Boss, Boss Conservation LLC
Author: Stefani Cavazos, Fine Arts Conservation LLC
Abstract: This report is the outcome of a general preservation assessment of the Cultural & Natural History Collections (CNHC) University of La Verne, which was made possible by funding from an NEH Preservation Assistance Grant for Smaller Institutions, awarded to the museum in fall 2019. The information gathered and summarized in the Observations sections of the report is based on conversations with Director Beardsley and Curator Collier, visual observations of the condition of the facilities and collections, and a review of CNHC’s current practices and policies. Interpretation of the facts gathered during site visits form the basis for the Discussion sections under each heading, and further analysis of the present situation in light of the museum’s mission leads to the Recommendations for specific actions that can be taken to improve the state of the collection as a whole. Focusing on preservation issues, practical strategies are offered for making systematic improvements to collection storage. These are summarized at the conclusion of the report and divided into necessary and immediate goals and actions possible in the short-term, and medium to long-range goals that will require more time and resources to achieve. The museum’s objectives for the assessment were to examine current storage practices and environmental conditions, and to provide guidance on best practices for care and long-term preservation of the collections, including training on how to recognize potential problems and strategies for improvements. The grant was intended to focus on the humanities collections, though by necessity--since they share the same storage space--the natural history collections also were included in the assessment.
Date: 4/23/2021
Access Model: Report provided upon request.