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Products for grant PG-266728-19

Assessment of Environmental Conditions and Mechanical Systems for Historic House at Historic Travellers Rest
Jennifer Butt, Travellers Rest Historic House Museum, Inc.

Grant details:

Onset Data Loggers (Equipment)
Name: Onset Data Loggers
Description: Onset Environmental Data Loggers used to track the temperature/humidity levels every 15 minutes.
Location: Travellers Rest Historic House Museum, Nashville, TN
Year: 2019

Existing Conditions Assessment of Historic Travellers Rest (Report)
Title: Existing Conditions Assessment of Historic Travellers Rest
Author: Landmark Facilities Group, Inc.
Abstract: Travellers Rest Historic House Museum was selected as a grant awardee from the National Endowment for the Humanities in August 2019. The site was one of 215 awardees from across the country who received grant funds. The site used these funds specifically for the purpose of monitoring the environmental conditions of the historic house which houses the majority of the collection comprised of Southern and Tennessee artifacts such as furniture, paintings, textiles, decorative homewares, and personal items which belonged to the original owner, Judge John Overton. and his descendants. Landmark Facilities Group, Inc., of Norwalk, Connecticut, was contracted by the site to complete a preservation assessment of the site’s mechanical systems along with installing data loggers to monitor the temperature/humidity levels every 15 minutes. This project was carried out from November 2019 through early November 2020 in order to document the temperature and humidity levels in the historic house for one full year. The final preservation assessment was received in January 2021 and provides information to the Board of Directors and staff on best recommendations on how to proceed with proper conservation measures regarding the historic house HVAC system and other related mechanical and environmental measures needed to be undertaken as outlined in the site’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.
Date: 11/1/2019
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